Andre Bailey

EOP Senior Advisor/Male Success Initiative (MSI) Coordinator

Andre Bailey
Andre Bailey


(707) 664-3031


Schulz 1114A
  • B.A. in Criminal Justice Administration, Sonoma State University

Welcome! My name is Andre L. Bailey. I am the Sr. EOP Academic Advisor/ Male Success Initiative Coordinator (MSI).  

 As a person of African descent born and raised in East Oakland, CA. I attended both Skyline and Castlemont High Schools. In my educational journey, as a first-generation college student athlete, I became very familiar with the CA public educational system by attending all three tiers, UC, CSU and CCC.

After earning my B.A. degree and NCAC Football Championship at Sonoma State University, I was hired as the youngest CSU Outreach/ Admissions Counselor in the state of CA. Since then, I have gained extensive experience as a professional advisor in career and academic planning. As an adjunct faculty person, I have taught freshman transition courses within the Kalmanovitz EOP Academy for more than 12 yrs, with an emphasis on student leadership and cultural identity development.

Currently, I am the Co-Chair of SSU’s, Black Faculty and Staff Association and a member of the 100 Black Men of Sonoma County. As a strong advocate for the recruitment and retention of Black faculty, Staff and students, I take great pride in support of inclusive and diverse communities. I enjoy the outdoors and spending quality time with my wife and three children. 


  • Provide strategies and share best practices in support of underserved, first generation, low-income, and educationally disadvantaged students based on research/data and years of experience within the field of higher education. 

  • Support and develop students individually to realize and maximize their highest potential in order to successfully complete the needs of our students. 

  • provide a safe, brave, and inclusive space for any individual who walks into my office to be heard, validated, and listened to. 

  • Work collaboratively across campus and within the community in order to best serve and meet the needs of the students.