Valerie Olivares


Valerie Olivares
Valerie Olivares


(707) 664-2865


Schulz 1114D
  • M.S. Student Affairs in Higher Education, Miami University, Oxford, OH
  • B.S. Business Administration: Management, California State University, Chico

¡Hola! My name is Valerie Olivares and I am an EOP Advisor. I was born and raised in El Sereno in Los Angeles, California. Growing up in a city that is very diverse, the most salient identities in my educational journey have been being first-generation, from a low-income socioeconomic background, Mexican American, and a woman. Holding these identities has presented various adversities but hasn’t stopped me from pursuing my goals. On the other hand, they have empowered and encouraged me more to never give up. I attended California State University, Chico, and earned my bachelor’s degree at California State University, Chico in Business Administration: Management in May 2019. I am proud to say that I am an EOP Alumna myself. I wouldn’t have made it through my 4 years without the constant support and guidance from my EOP family at Chico State. Through my involvement as a student leader and student employee, I discovered a passion for student affairs, and I didn’t know it could be a career option in my future. That is when I decided to apply to grad school, got admitted, and moved to the Midwest to pursue a graduate degree. Now I am honored to say I am the first in my family to earn a Master of Science in Student Affairs in Higher Education (SAHE) from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio in 2021. I am grateful that every moment in my educational journey there has been a program and/or mentor who has invested time and effort in my success. Now, I have the privilege to pay it forward and be that for the generations of students that come after me. I am dedicated and committed to the success of EOP students at Sonoma State University. As a former EOP student myself, I am eager to provide guidance, support, and opportunities for growth to all EOP students at SSU to reach their academic, personal, and career goals.

  • Academic planning and class registration assistance
  • Social & Emotional Support, food & housing assistance, and financial aid advising
  • How to get involved at SSU as well as referrals to campus resources