Fresh Produce Food Resources: On-campus and community food resources for students.
Apply for WISP Scholarship: Wine Industry Scholar Program has a scholarship available for qualified SSU students. Submit an application by the deadline, February 15, 2021.
CAASE Technology: CAASE Technology: Wifi Hotspots Program


Welcome to the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) at Sonoma State University. Our staff is available to help you reach your academic, personal, and career goals, and we take great pride in our ability to serve each EOP student with individualized guidance.

Summer Bridge 2019

The core of our program is built upon a student-centered/empowerment model that:

  • leverages an educational and co-curricular path for building student autonomy and self-reliance;
  • helps students to foster a sense of resilience and self-determination to overcome social, cultural, and systemic oppression;
  • develops students into actively engaged leaders.